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Living Down Under

About samira

As a new year starts, a new blog starts too about all my travels in Ozzie and Asia.

To tell about myself for those who don't know me, my name is Samira, i'm 26 year old, i'm a travel agent and a make up artist (i like being able to do different things) and i grew up in my mum's country France but i always had more feelings and love for my father's country, Tunisia.

Everything started on March 15th 2006 when i arrived in Australia with a working holiday visa. I don't really know what i was looking for in this country. A better life, a better work, or just travelling?

Anyway after almost two years living in down under, i realised that Australia is a very nice country but it's not the place i want to settle down even if life is much easier to manage here than Europe.

During all this time, i did different kind of work from hospitality to fruit picking but the best part was travelling everywhere at anytime. I started to live my life in a complete different way that i used to live it in France and that helps me to learn a lot about myself and made me realised that freedom is a very important thing for me.

Samira =)

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