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Salting the mind

My Scholarship entry - Stressless Sal(t)

Cape Verde | Monday, 24 November 2014 | flickr photos

Photography is a shared journey of (self-)discovery. For me, it is a way to shed some light on the people and places that inspire me with the hope to inspire others. In my work as a visual artist I prefer to improvise along the terms of the magnificent Cartier-Bresson by taking my surrounding as it is and try not to stage the scene too much. I believe pictures need to convey a realistic message by keeping the natural context and the genuine (e)motion intact.
Currently, I am a starting photographer and busy experimenting a lot to enhance my own artistic identity. For now, my work is best described as candid, true-to-life, and with a commitment to socio-economic issues. My commitment to socio-economic issues grew rapidly during my second master study in Urban Sociology. Before that, I got my degree in Business Economics and worked as a public servant for several years. At the same time I worked as a fiscal consultant on a freelance basis.
I am the best candidate because I am immensely hungry to capture the rich culture of the Peruvian Amazon from unique angles. I am convinced I can take on this challenge due to my own divers and multidisciplinary background.

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