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Ginger on the run...... One day I woke up and thought to myself, I wonder what the world looks like. I better go have look! Here are my findings.... Welcome to my blog.

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Hello my name is Sam. I want to begin by telling you a short story.

I woke up one winters morning, it must have been around six a.m. I noticed a ray of golden light seeping through a crack in the bedroom curtains. I felt a warm and tingling feeling pass through my body as if something magical laid beyond the window. I stood up, still slightly dazed from a magnificent sleep and made my way over.  I was familiar with the view from this window, I had seen it a thousand times. However something was different, the manor in which the curtains were fighting uncontrollably to block these immense golden beams from entering the room which were now bursting at every corner.  I knew it, I felt it, I was about to be graced by one of lifes finest displays of natural beauty. The anticipation was becoming overwhelming. I raised my hand and drew the curtain.

I looked out, my eyes taking a moment to adjust.  And there it stood, in all its glory, the bloody milk float. Full beams on, shining directly up at me. What a disappointment! And as if this moment couldn’t get any more demoralising, I hear a rustle from the bed, and a women’s voice gently but firmly croak “Sam, shut the f’***ing curtains”

Sod this I thought… I’m going on holiday…. a long one!

Welcome to my blog!! yaaaay

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