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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

These five photos were taken over a month spent in Wales as the summer tourist season was coming to a close. I wanted to capture the changes taking place in small coastal towns as the seasons changed.

Through my photos I wanted to explore what the end of summer means to tourists and locals alike, especially the relationship between the need to welcome tourists and the desire for the town to maintain its original charm.

The end of summer brings mixed emotions, for the visiting holiday makers it is a time to reflect over the recent months, no doubt already looking forward to the season's return.
For many local businesses, the summer crowds generate the majority of their yearly income, yet you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief as they take a much needed break.

I was travelling through many of these towns as the large crowds receded and the trickle of more sedentary tourists merged into the landscape, allowing the locals to reclaim their town.
For me photography is incredible because of its versatility. As it is an artistic medium that anyone, anywhere can utilise, it is very powerful.

A photo can convey so much; a memory, a story, a fleeting emotion. Through my photos I want to be able to accurately capture a split second in time; whether it be a scene, event or person and evoke in the viewer the same emotions and feelings I have felt whilst taking the photo. To be able to tell a story to others as I have seen it, is what drives me to take better pictures and learn more about photography.

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