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Pain on the Train: Kolkata to Varanasi

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

India | Saturday, 11 September 2010 | 5 photos

The unseasonably cold and foggy weather reflected our mood. We were stuck on this train for 12 extra hours as it dragged itself along the tracks. We truly understood the term 'climbing the walls.' We were short with each other, frustrated, had eaten all our food and needed to crack our bones.

Finally, after the bright, white skies of Kolkata & the dirty windows of the train we finally made it down to the ghats. It felt like we had stepped into an Enid Blyton novel....on acid. Goats in coats, 24hr outdoor cremations, holy men, kids with kites.

The morning fog was heavy, as thick as flour. All the colours muted. Now & then, we'd turn a corner and be surprised by the bright colours of a temple or a deity, staring down at us, just another tourist, passing through.

When it comes to photography, call me old fashioned, but I would prefer to know the shot hasn't been edited to an inch of it's life. One shard of natural light hitting an object may be all you need to create an amazing shot. Viewing a subject in a different way may make all the difference. Editing the shot should not be what makes it a good photo.

I have a particular interest in the Middle East and a love for South East Asia. I wish I had a big family like they do in Asia. Family and food, it seems like heavenly way to live!

Finally, I don't own many 'things,' I like to volunteer when I travel and stay at homestays. I'd love to learn arabic and a career in photography is my aim.

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