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My African Adventures

My Scholarship entry - The Beauties of the Third World

Malawi | Saturday, 29 June 2013 | 5 photos

I study BA Media Communication at London University of the Arts. I have a strong bond with photography.
Whenever I decide to capture something, I strongly believe that the focus is BEAUTIFUL. Although I'm not a professional, this belief has gained me amazing photographs.
My career focus has always been Journalism. It's just that I've not been so sure which branch of Journalism. At the age of 17 I did my work experience at one of the world's largest news channel's, Al Jazeera. I loved learning about the dynamic world of Broadcast Journalism, but I wasn't so sure if I fitted into the category. Last year I was part of the International Citizen Service UK. I was sent to Malawi, Africa as a volunteer to help combat poverty through people empowerment. My job role within my group was 'Visual Media'. This is when it hit me... Travel Journalism is a career path I need to explore!I photographed some of the most incredible breath-taking shots.
I deserve the Photography Scholarship because it would be the perfect chance to show-cast my collection. It would be an honor learn from Jason Edwards and to develop as a REAL photographer. I love a challenge and enjoy capturing natural sights.

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