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A pulsating pilgrimage to Angkor

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Cambodia | Friday, 23 November 2012 | 4 photos

Most people my age, when asked "What is your most prized possession?" would have an answer pertaining to expensive gadgets.
However, I've realized that what I value the most are the photographs I've taken in the past, as they play a big role in helping me relive experiences that may never be duplicated.

The first of them were night shots when I was experimenting with my camera in 2008, exploring tunnels and bridges (while vehicles zipped past me) around Manila, Philippines, my hometown.

It was the start of how Photography brought out my adventurous side, later turning into travel, and exploring new places which quenched my thirst for discovery, always bringing home a story to tell my family and friends.

I wish to share my experiences to a bigger audience so that they may live within them, and help awaken passions like mine. I thought that contributing to a local travel magazine would be a way and fortunately, they picked it up last year. Seeing my photos and story of Mt. Pinatubo published last 2012 was the most fulfilling moment that I have to date.

I discovered that I find utmost joy in sharing the world's wonders through Travel photography, and wish to contribute as much as I can, constantly elevating to a bigger scale.

Since I only learned photography through experimenting, it would be great if I can enhance my skill through mentoring by the best Photographers, so that I can share a better perspective to the world.

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