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Sweaty and stormy!!

THAILAND | Sunday, 19 May 2013 | Views [327]

Sorry it's been ages since I last wrote on here. My new life seems to not let me write either on here or in my travel journal. Been really busy with lesson plans, teaching the wee kiddies, who are absolutely gorgeous, and in my few hours of spare time drinking Chang, a strong Thai beer which gives you hellish hangovers (Only at weekends of course!)

Teaching is going well. Going to take some time to adjust, it's not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but a challenge never hurt anyone. The school is the top school in the province, with more than 3,500 in kindergarten and primary. I got some good pictures of school and classes this week but my memory card has given up on life so this week no pictures to show. Thai schools have a very, what I think is communist, style of flag ceremony in the morning, where they stand to attention and sing the national anthem. Even the tiniest kids in my kindergarten class know the whole anthem off by heart. Cute, but wierd. The Thai's are also really obsessed by their king. Every house, shop, school, EVERYWHERE has a framed picture of him and if you say anything against the royal family you can get a minimum of 7 years in jail. So, just for the record, they are amazing!!

The heat isnt getting any easier. My skin seems to hate it, coming out in all sorts of weird reactions to something or other!! The air is really wet constantly, we have some pretty scary storms, unbelievable lightening, sometimes the thunder immediately after/ same time as the flash. Really loud, shaking all the lights in the room.

The feet are loads better, the rash is gone as is most of the swelling. Never really found out what it was, but the pills I got from the hospital seemed to help, I think! Though it did get worse before it got better, so I don't think anyone really knows. 

Been planning some travels for after the contract ends in October. Not booking anything yet, just looking and trying to decide whether or not to get another teaching job to fund the travels, though most likely it would be a year contract and I wasn't planning to be away for more than a year. If the job was a year, then by the time I got home it would be two years from now, so maybe not the best plan.

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