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nomad on the move every journey, no matter how great or small, starts with a single step so take a step and collect memories.

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mesmerizing countryside scenery...love wales!

mesmerizing countryside scenery...love wales!

my call card says 'ros', short for rosabel. i'm really a nomad by birth and have been wandering (in barefoot then flip flops) from one corner of the world to the other, wide-eyed at the natural spectacles like remote rainforest, caves in southeast asia - which coincidentally is where i hail from, to big major metropoli(ses).

how i support myself or will in the near future: like my friend says, 'i am a 3/4 interior designer', that's because we're almost finished our degree from ryerson univeristy. luckily for me traveling, design and architecture have a symbiotic relationships; each aspect feeding off and supporting each other. traveling also help satisfy my insatiable need to collect books, books that i can't find in canada.

i like to explore places for the local foods, i'm quite adventurous in the sense that i'll try anything but love malaysian cooking the best. there is no distance too far to travel for food, my stomach always leads the way to my next destination.

another interest of significance that influence my travels is spas and resorts. i have this inbred thing for luxury spas and resorts. examples are: the pangkor laut resort, maia, the alila chain, banyan tree chain...i tend to seek holistic destinations. plus hotels, resort and spa design is my chosen speciality for my line of work so it's just as well.

the question and comment that i get the most is: you traveling alone? YES, i like to travel alone and always return to places that i've already been to like london, oxford, singapore, malaysia. there is something about the uk and old brit colonies that always draws me back. i also like traveling with 'travel virgins' but since they are far and few in between, short of that i end up wandering on my own.

recently, i acquired a traveling companion because of all the brow raising that i cause when i tell my parents i'm off to another destination on my own. so i now travel with blu, my blue monkey. he's great because he doesn't talk, fits into my bags, goes wherever i go and poses for some great pics. and security at the airport loves him for some reason.

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