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Mount of Blessing The journey is much about mountains as it is the people living on them the higher you climb the more that you see, the more you see the less that you know.

About rojpilgrim

I like to write songs and make movies and learning the craft by self help and experience. It is only the beginning and the fun is all in the journey.

Came out of the office in 2008 haven't looked back.

Hills are to be climbed and sometimes you meet others on those hill's  who will help you reach your peak.

The higher you climb the more that you see but the less that you know.

All need's conquering and which one are you prepared to die on. 

Oh Frodo this is not the end this just the beginning 

blessed is the man who kneels on the water having just got out the boat.

When you speak to someone what does it look to build in you and me.


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