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My Scholarship entry - humans of the world

New Zealand | Sunday, 9 November 2014 | 6 photos

The simple fact of coming from the "youngest country of the world", tuckered away in the South Pacific Ocean has made me thirsty for adventure, curious about other cultures, and absolutely at ease with spending days on end watching my surroundings, looking at the wildlife and being amazed by our beautiful planet.

I have had the incredible chance to roam the world these past few years from Sri Lanka to Ecuador, the USA to Reunion Island.; from big cities to lost places in the heart of the cloud forest. Every aspect of the World is worth discovering to me, the places, the natural environment, the manmade and its people. I am ready to follow on a new journey, learning to better my craft through the experience of a lifetime, getting to know people who inspire me and have the chance to share about my own personal life.

I studied for passion rather than career. I knew that an bio-anthropology and philosophy degree would not get me a job but it made me the person I am and that is much more valuable to me than anything else. I observe the world with curious eyes and I cannot wait for this next chapter of my life.

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