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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Friday, 23 September 2011 | flickr photos

Photography defines the artist inside of me, it is a poem about my life’s passion, illustrated through pictures about people, interesting objects, beautiful sceneries, or just about any still moment that captures my eyes.

I’ve never had any formal training with my photography. My dad once lent me his Canon AV-1 camera, a 1976 model; it was a handy tool for me that allowed me to start taking pictures through films. I started looking around for interesting objects in my backyard; in my mom’s garden and in locations where I know when the sun sets or when the light casts shadows on a familiar location at a particular time of the day.

My perspective for beauty also fuels my interest in taking portraits of people. But then again, it’s not always about the physical likeness of a person but rather, it’s about the person’s character that is captured, which gives out a transparent definition of his or her own individualism. I became proficient in studying human behavior - about their mannerisms, expressions, body language and the like, for me to be able to judge on how to best reveal their characters in camera.

I have discovered that my greatest reward in my photography, is knowing that my pictures had made an impact on someone else’s life, that through my passion I’ve made odd things become interesting objects, and that I have learned to live to tell my story through my photographs. But sometimes it’s not always about the pictures I’ve taken; it’s about the heightening on my ability to capture the beauty of the smallest and grandest things around me for the world to see.

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