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THAILAND | Saturday, 18 August 2007 | Views [382] | Comments [4]

I'm pretty sure that is how much I consumed today when I returned from school. Four very large water bottles now sit empty in my room and I've only peed once. It's defintely hotter today than it has been. I'm not uncomfortable, but I do change my clothing a few times a day. I also have spent some good down time washing my tank tops in the bathroom sink every night just so I have cleanish clothing for the next day.

Friday ended my first week of school. I love my classmates and my teacher. I really feel fortunate to have such a great group of people to work with. And we do WORK all day. Not crazy "must keep going" hard, but we give one another genuine feedback and keep practicing until the postures feel right.

Thai massage, like Chinese Medicine is an art I will spend the rest of my life learning to be better at. Very little is recorded in writing from the Masters so you just have to keep coming back to learn more and grow. I wouldn't mind making a pilgrimage here once a year to keep learning. I feel very at home with the people I have met who are studying Thai Massage. I'm in a bit of heaven actually because I finally have fellow Ashtanga lovers around. 

Although I'm only a foe Ashtanga person at this point. I went to a Master teacher the other morning after not doing this practice for at least a year and it was HARD. It was not only hard because I'm so inflexible, but hard because it's the type of yoga that forces your mind to be with your breath and your body the entire time. I'm not so good at that in general, and even when I was practicing 4 times a week years ago I still wasn't very good at it.

The teacher, William led three of us through two hours of asanas. Thank god it's so fucking humid and hot here or else my body could not have survived the posture corrections. At one point William, a 6' and built guy, laid over my body in downward dog--feet to head. He didn't hold back either using his weight. He put his hands on my achilles to push my feet flat one the floor. I think on a good day of yoga my heels brush the floor!

I haven't gone back. I'm too scared, and it's also too difficult to leave there at 8:30am (starting at 6:30am) and get to class at 9am on the other side of the city--aside from then spending 8 hours working my body more in difficult positions. I will say this though, Thai Massage is going to force me to go to yoga because I will not be able to do half of the things I'm learning unless I am flexible.

Tomorrow Ahm, my class teacher is going to spend the day teaching a few of us how to make Medicine balls and compresses. I am so excited!

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Betty and I were thrilled to get your phone call today (8/17/07). Absorb all of the information because we will be questioning you until you're blue in the face. Betty and Amadi are upstairs preparing supper, while I'm down here loafing!!! Much love Eddie

  Edward Greenstein Aug 18, 2007 6:09 AM


Dearest Angel Alex, We will be with you these weeks that you are out of the U.S.A.because YOU are sharing all that is going on !!! Words can hardly express our gratitude as I can imagine how challenging it must be to live in another culture.It is amazing to me how WATER is sooooo scarce,at least the kind that is potable! Wish we could send you a million cases for you and those around you!Keep PERSERVERING,Dearest Angel! We LOVE YOU!!!

  Betty L. Greenstein Aug 18, 2007 6:37 AM


Alex, Eddie and I just took our hike aroun Bangalore with you as you shared your 55 photos. What a fabulous event for all of us. You are a wonderful ambassador for Bangalore, India. Thank you immensely. Are the fruit edible on a Jack Fruit tree?.
Hope your body is being good to you as you are learning and living in this new environment.
Our love is with you. B & E

  Edward & Betty Greenstein Aug 19, 2007 1:52 AM


Dear Edward and Betty,

Your comments are wonderful, but I am not Alex. I am flattered, albeit a mistaken identity, that strangers have stumbled onto this blog and feel inclined to respond.

I hope you find Alex soon!


  rk Aug 19, 2007 6:42 PM

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