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My Scholarship entry - Lion Vs Human

United Kingdom | Thursday, 20 November 2014 | 8 photos

Hey My Name is Rhys Hughes, I am 15 Years old, I had to put my age as 1998 instead of 1999 but I am really inspired in all sorts of photography. I am doing my GCSE's and picked Photography as an option at the Chauncy school as I have always been interested in Photoshop and Art. I honestly have never been given the full experience in Photography and when I finnish my GCSE's i would like to go in to the Army and become a Photographer taking pictures and capturing our world for everyone to see. If you would think about taking me with you on your schoolarship I would be happier than I have ever been. Although my Grades may not be brilliant I do not beleive that this will stop me from getting through life so please could you have a good think about it. Again I am sorry about my age if you want any images or edits i have done just feel free to ask with this Email: [email protected] , thank you very much hope to hear from you soon!

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