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Capital Bad Restlessly, Lylah Lee.

About rest-less-ness

myself in Delhi. #Buddha

myself in Delhi. #Buddha

I’ve never lived in the same country for more than 4 years at a time, I always know when I’ve lived somewhere for too long. I get very agitated and claustrophobic hence my Rest-less-ness, call me high maintenance or pathetic and you’re probably right.

 Allow me to map this out;

I was born in Canberra, Australia 1995.

when I was 4 we moved to Pretoria, South Africa.

When I was 7 we moved back to Canberra.

At the age of 10 we headed off for Colombo, Sri Lanka.

When I was 12 we were back in good old Canberra.

At 15 it was New Delhi, India.

And finally after graduating high school in India, here we are now. I’m 18 and back in Canberra ready to start Uni (but also ready to apply for an exchange program). Needless to say I was blessed with a fantastic childhood.

Now I know I could have documented the immense beauty of the African desserts and discussed the incredible Big 5 of African safari (how detailed and legible that would have been, I’m unsure but never doubt a 5 year olds imagery). I could have easily blogged about the rich culture, vast religions and the beauty of language in Sri Lanka. Even at the age of 11, trust me it would have been easy. Finally, there is no way anyone on this planet could see what the city of New Delhi has to offer and not have anything to say about it. Not a chance.

So why am I documenting Canberra? It may well be the most harassed capital in the world. I feel a bit sorry for it actually. The Melbournites and Sydney siders will easily, without hesitation list 20 reasons off the top of their head of why their city would make a better capital. And, I’m not planning on defending Canberra. I’m sure they are right.


Every place is beautiful in its own way.

So lets see how my year goes, I may be able to find some beautiful things in Canberra that Delhi, Colombo or Pretoria couldn’t top if they tried. Here we go team.

I will also upload travel tips from previous expeditions (Dubai, Madrid, Phuket, Hong Kong, New York, London... etc)  with each post about Capital Bad.


Lylah Lee.

About rest-less-ness

myself in Delhi. #Buddha

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