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My Photography Scholarship 2011 Ancient Cultures

About remainingfree

Dawn facing east view of outer islands from water palace

Dawn facing east view of outer islands from water palace

My first camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me at 12 years old. Upon the arrival of instant cameras I jumped right in with a Polaroid Swinger and never looked back, I was hooked forever!


While living here in Bali, Indonesia my day-to-day world is about capturing images of a place filled with colorful ceremonies, warm friendly people, and some of the most beautiful and diverse topography in the world!


One of my learning exercises is to capture as many images that need very little editing (a perfect world scenario). Meaning, when I look through the lens I look for an image that says a story, has exact composition, correct lighting, and the right angles. I call it my “take it in one shot” session.


Photography not only captures life but also teaches about life. Thus far, photography has been my vehicle to an exciting and fulfilling personal journey.


The planet, and the humans that inhabit it, reveals more than the human eye can capture and keep. Alternatively, the camera helps the eye not only to see, it helps us to speak without words. 


Landscapes reveal to us man’s love for or destruction of what we see. Animals, like people, give us a wide spectrum of visuals, meaning, and emotion. These are my passions, capturing and sharing what I see as I see it.


I will use the scholarship to strengthen my photographic knowledge and open the doors to working as a respected professional photographer.


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