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My Scholarship entry - The Krakatoa volcano

Indonesia | Thursday, 27 June 2013 | 5 photos

"…it was like standing on the shoulders of a giant: a powerful, silent and dangerous giant surrounded by the sea and the leftovers of its fury, waiting for its own destiny. Luckily, if I’m here writing this story, it's a clear sign that while I was there its destiny wasn’t around."

I was born in Italy but I've been quickly adopted by the rest of the world. I've been lucky enough to recognize and put together my greatest passions: writing, photography and traveling. I wrote two books to share my traveling experiences - including the climbing of the Krakatoa volcano - and to remind everyone that traveling is the most effective way of self-discovery.

I'm also a designer and a lecturer (I've spent the last two years teaching interior design in Southeast Asia). I recently launched an international photography project which involves artists and artisans and I believe diversity is one of the greatest value we have and we can learn from.

I've set my feet in remote places as you will notice looking at my pictures and honestly I still have a great deal to explore on this planet but I've understood one thing: a place is far until you get there.

Thank you and I hope you might consider my profile.

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