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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Mexico | Thursday, 3 November 2011 | 5 photos

Deep into the city’s jungle of buildings, smog and stress, we find an ancient oasis of relax, the oldest ruins within Mexico City and I say ruins because this place was first abandoned and then buried with lava from Xitle volcano, after several decades it has become green again and with archaeologists tough work, now we can walk the same path as our ancestors without leaving this great city. Young people enjoy sitting at the log below the old tree’s shadow and behold the beauty of the place, the smell of grass and dirt, the sound of squirrels and lizards passing by, then they go up to the highest spot and look down to appreciate where they`re standing, the green spot in the middle of the gray ocean of people and cars. It is a nice short scape from daily activities, something to share with someone special.

I`m a biochemical engineering student and a nature lover, that is why I like taking pictures of everything that surrounds me and fills me with joy, like this beautiful place just across the street, I enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets, picture them and then paint them, this makes my senses feel warm and my heart happy. I love learning, that’s why I studied engineering to learn about the world and why things work the way they are, why people behave this way and how to improve our daily lives, I believe I can learn from everything and from everyone as long as I`m willing to listen, and to open my heart, I would like to get all this in pictures and share knowledge with the world.

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