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Passport & Plate - Chocolate Bread

Portugal | Wednesday, February 18, 2015 | 2 photos

1 kg flour
20 g salt
40 g cocoa powder
200 g chocolate nuggets
75 g honey
25 g dry yeast
115 g vegetable oil
550 g cold water


How to prepare this recipe
Mix all the dry ingredients.
To the mix pour all the wet ingredients, but only half of the water.
Knead and slowly pour in the rest of the water.
When the dough is homogeneous, place it on a lightly floured surface and knead for about 20 minutes until it's elastic and smooth.
Open the dough, place all the chocolate nuggets, form a ball and let it rest for 2 hours inside the oven.
After 2 hours, pre-heat the oven at 200ºC, place the dough in the lower rack of the oven.
Place a tin in the upper rack of the oven with a cup of hot water. The steam will help to grow a crust.
Bake for 30 minuts. Remove from the oven a let it coll down before you cut it!!
Enjoy and be happy!


The story behind this recipe
My sister lives in Australia and she's always bragging about the chocolate bread she eats in Sydney.
So I decided to create my own chocolate bread to compete with her bragging.
And I did it so well, that she has asked me for the recipe and after she has done it, she never ate Sydney's chocolate bread again!!!!
She makes her own bread!!!!

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