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Loving Nature to Death

About rangerbobbie

I first began studying photography while I was still in high school, when it was all film and darkrooms. My other passion is nature, and all things wilderness. My love of hiking and backpacking takes me to places that many people never get to experience. I want to share these places with others, to help them realize the importance of protecting them. Although many are convinced that national parks and wilderness areas are sufficiently protected, there is still much that needs to be done. Winning this scholarship would give me the opportunity to learn some of the best ways to capture just the right mood to convey in my photos. I want to find new ways to get my foot in the door where I can actually get paid to help share this. I want to inspire people. I want to find out how to reach inside their souls, how to touch their emotional side, as well as their intellectual side. Winning this scholarship and seeing how Jason goes about his story-telling process, getting just the right shots, and then puts them all together for a final product is exactly what I need to learn more about to help me in my own pursuits. That is exactly what I am hoping to do with my own photography someday. 

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