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Montreal to Quebec City, Quebec City back to Montreal, to Toronto, to Edmonton

CANADA | Monday, 2 June 2014 | Views [330]

We caught the train from Toronto to Montreal for a 2 night stay on Rue Saint Herbert. The ride was pleasant and the scenery very English countryside, which was nice. 

As we journey further east we can see more of the French influence creeping in, I am wishing I had continued with my French language! 

Arriving at Gauchiere station, Montreal is very Parisian. Wonderful architecture. Dotted around are a number of street cafés. The weather wasn't with us sadly and it rained for the full 2 days & nights, but we braved it and got out and about to some really interesting places. Bare in mind that the 15% tip is non negotiable, regardless of service!

We journey again by train to Quebec City and catch a bus to our hotel for 3 nights. Quebec centre is a beautiful inner walled city, very much like York, England; beautiful architecture and narrow streets and murals. All English speaking as well as French, we were made very welcome at the cafés and restaurants we visited despite our limited  vocabulary. It's very easy to get around using the bus, tickets cost $2.70 for a ticket for 90 mins in any direction. Fabulous place to visit and go on to Tadousacc but we didn't have time :(

Catch the train from Gare Du Palais back to Montreal, then on to Toronto for our east to west 2day 10hr train journey across to Edmonton. If doing this crossing using the train, make sure to go onto their website as it transpired we were the only ones who had paid full price for the trip, doh! All meals included and a 2 person private bedroom with shared shower. You would think it would be a tight squeeze in a cabin and you would be right. We are not large people but neither are we sticks. It was a squeeze! Like any guy and a ladder to a bunk - of course hubby wanted the top! However, the first day, he caught a cold and wasn't a happy camper! Great views and our first bear sighting from the dome of the train (is actually part if the Rocky Mountaineer train but gets additional carriages at Edmonton to go on). There are all sorts of accommodation types available from sleeping uprightish in your seat to the sleeper cabins.  Every mealtime you sit with different people & you all discuss plans and where you have been, the adventures you've had or hope to have. You really do meet the most amazing people!

In Toronto station whilst waiting to board the train, I was a bit frazzled after the journey from Quebec. I heard the most amazingly weird but soothing sound. It was a guy named Tom from near Port Moody, playing the ukule who used to be part of a band and was going home on the same train. Joanne who was originally from the UK going back to Whistler where she now lives with her hubby, doing the train journey by herself fir the experience, Mr Bradshaw who reminded me sooo much of my Grandpa (who was originally from Quebec and a logger in his time), who was a retired logger from Kamloops, who had family in Yorkshire, UK, but couldn't find out anything about them as everyone who knew anything had passed away. Every person had a story & we were fascinated! 

Travelling by train isn't for the faint hearted - a bit like getting sea sick on a boat if you let it! It was the best way to go across the country, the most scenic way and we wouldn't hesitate to do it again rather than fly. The change in landscape from east to west was beautiful. Toronto to Winnipeg was pretty much beautiful wilderness, different shades of green, lakes, mountains, no-one in sight. Winnipeg, you start to see flatland, people, very different terrain. Winnipeg had a 4hr stopover which allowed us to see a part of it. What a beautiful place, rich in history, superstition and intrigue. Very French on one side of the river, English speaking on the other. All bilingual. 

Along the route from Winnipeg, the train stopped for 10mins so you could stretch your legs. The place had a store and was surrounded by dirt road. The stationmaster shouted 'All aboard, let's get outa Dodge!'.

Sleeps now until Edmonton x

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