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I am not a Photographer I travel by assignment I travel not to do photography I don't even have an SLR either a Cannon Camera I only have with me is my Sony Xperia LT22i, but never waist the chance to capture the miracle of memories because I believe that every single second is a miracle. God is so perfect it is indeed an award to see that is working and moving around us. And we are so lucky he gave us a gift of sight to be able to see the wonders of nature but other's can't do, the only thing that we can share to them is to tell a story of a priceless experience that will inspire them that life must goes on and tell them they are the reason of these miracles.

I am a young man searching for more purpose a young man that holds his own principles in life a young man traveled in obstacles of wheel of life that molded into streght and a strong individual with the guidance of the Lord.

I am Ranilo David single living my life in Saudi Arabia for 5 years now. an individual artistic by nature I am fond of beautiful things some say I possess a true sense of compasion and kindness and mostly raised in the dignity of my Parents. 


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