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My Island Home, West Sumatra.

My Scholarship entry : My Island Home

Indonesia | Friday, December 28, 2012 | 5 photos

I knew I was affected by photography, but I never truly realized the effect my photography had on others.

“ Words cannot be spoken to describe what you can capture on a lens”, my friend Suzie recently quoted on FB. WOW! I never knew how powerful my images were.

I am a self confessed addict. From a young age, I was driven to take images. Grass fascinated me. Simplicity engrossed me. That was with a Kodak 110 mm. It excited me even then.
Every living moment I am seeing life through a lens. My camera and I explore together. We have learnt many things and I love my ability to lose myself in framing the world around me.

My camera leads me to travel. Like a baby to the breast. Hungry for new things, experiences, images. An insatiable need to learn more.

Totally self taught, and a constant and consistent multitasker, I look forward to the challenge of traveling to Oman and learning from Jason. I’m a mother, and teacher, a diplomat, a business woman, and an explorer. I love photography, I always have done, and always will do.


Photography is my obsession too. It’s how I see the world, it's how I share the world, and it leads me on amazing discoveries.

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The teacher hasn’t turned up. Again. Leifu and Suratan take advantage of the crisp white sands and the freedom of the sea.

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