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Stepping out of a Selective Palate

About rachelfelicity

 My name is Rachel and I'm sometimes considered the "risk taker" of my blogging group, The Sisterhood of the Travelers, because I'm always looking for the next adventure and trying to push my friends out of their comfort zone.

       For a cliché personal bio, my favorite color is turquoise, my favorite flower is sunflowers, my favorite animal is a tie between black bears and tigers, & my favorite sport is soccer (yet I loathe running). I play the flute, I have a weird obsession with cool trees, and I work with kids as a daycare teacher. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, reading, writing, volunteering, and the always faithful Netflix binge-watching. Was that cliché enough? 

Oh! Did I forget to mention I love long walks on the beach? 

       I am currently in college for my AA in Communications, yet I'm unsure what I want to do with my life. So instead of basing that decision on others' experiences, I have decided to experience life for myself! As one of four bloggers on my website, (www.thesisterhoodofthetravelers.com) I aim to write down my adventures in order to inspire others. By the words we write and the experiences we share, we hope to encourage our readers to live adventurously and explore the outdoors. Whether it is hiking, kayaking, or just doing something that scares you yet, at the same time, makes you feel alive, our desire to travel extends in a similar propensity for others to experience the transcendent beauty that surrounds us. Through the opportunities we partake in, our aim is to give our readers a sense of confidence and an eagerness to step outside the confines of their walls and breathe in the endless possibilities of nature, adventurous tendencies, and spontaneous travel.