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PALAU | Saturday, 27 December 2008 | Views [950]

Manta saying Hi

Manta saying Hi

Wow wow wow - Can't describe Palau in any other way! One of the best dive spots that I have ever been to and what superb diving! I am now joined by Prabha and also Christina whom I met whilst diving in Lakshadweep. We dived with Nico from Neco Marine who was fantastic and we had some incredible dives. After each dive we would say that it just can't get better than this and the next day it would be even better. Palau didn't disappoint and was full of surprises. We dove in Blue Corner (one of the most famous dive sites in the world) about 6 times and each time it was amazing. There was hardly any current (it is well known for strong currents), and on one dive we would see aproximately 30-40 sharks, 2-3 turtles and loads of different goups of fishes including barracudas. At Blue Corner, we also witnessed sharks hunting some smaller fishes and chasing them against the wall. This was incredible and something you don't see very often. Nico, the divemaster was very thrilled too.  

At German Channel we saw mantas really close up which was fantastic.

At Ulong Channel we saw bait balls (huge balls of fish) being chased by sharks. This was incredible to see. The channel also played host to several sharks that were hunting, large (giant?) turtles and huge groups of white snappers, flowing like rivers amongst the coral - again an incredible sight. Even the divemasters who had been diving there for several years were getting excited.

At New Drop Off, I couldn't contain my joy and excitement as a huge Eagle Ray came swimming past and proceeded to feed on the coral around me. Nico and the rest of the divers were doing a safety stop and I quickly checked that I had enough air and stayed down to video the beautiful ray. Christina, dive buddy kept a check on me, while Nico shook her head - thanks Christina & Nico.

We also visited the famous Jellyfish Lake of Palau which hosts several million non stinging jellyfish. It was such a cool and surreal experience swimming with them. They are so soft and fragile and feel beautiful as they swim against you.

Didn't get much time to spend looking at the Palau local culture but it is a fab place to be visited again. Betel nut chewing is part of the culture here but is not as commom or frequent as in Yap.

New Years eve was spent at Krammers where we got to know the friendly staff who plied us with delicious vodka jelly shots. Yum

It was shame to leave Palau but go we must. I'll be back...

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