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That's All Folks: Final Numbers

USA | Sunday, 1 May 2011 | Views [1610]

177: Total length of our trip (in days).

9: Number of countries we visited.

4,414: Number of pictures taken.  Now we have not really gone through them yet and that number will come down, but you might want to bring a pillow with you to see our slideshow!

30: Number of flights.

5,565: Number of minutes spent flying.  That is equal to 92 hours or 3.9 days!

39,556: Number of miles flown.  That is equal to 1.5 times around the earth!

30: Number of airports visited.  Some of the best were: Delhi, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Siem Reap in Cambodia.  The worst was Kathmandu without question.

10: Temperature of our coldest day, which was in Nepal

100: Temperature of hottest day, which was in Australia

25: Number of books we read.  It was fun to swap and trade as we went along.

25: Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited.  Although World Heritage sites are not very well know in the U.S., around the world having something listed by UNESCO is much more significant and always leads to a disproportionate admission cost. UNESCO provides sites with the top level of preservation for natural or historical areas deemed important by the UN.

4: Number of times we paid for laundry.  We did a lot of washing in sinks!

Thousands: Number of pictures we are in taken by locals mainly on their cell phones trying to be sly.  We are sure that if you were to Google "Weird Western Tourists I saw today," our picture would come up.

79: Number of postcards written.

0: Number of other Americans we met who were on a work vacation.  Everybody had quit their job or was in school.  This in comparison to the many European we saw who get 3 or 4 week off from work and can travel to distance places such as Asia.

93: Number of days one of us was on drugs.  At times we were on Malaria pills, Diamox for the altitude, or antibiotics for various bugs we picked up along the way.

2: Number of days of snow in our 6 months.  We figure we will get enough of winter when we move to Minnesota that we could miss one this year.

42: Number of different beds slept in.  Overall the quality was very high, just a couple of times did we really need our sleeping bag.

50: Number of times we had to pack and unpack.  The month while in our campervan in NZ was so great as we didn't have to pack up!

Worlds Largest...That we saw on the trip.  One of the joys of traveling was just running into odd things like these below.  Who knew...

17,000: Elevation in feet of the highest internet cafe in the world near Everest Base Camp.  Travis's mom happily logged on!

20: Length in feet of the barrel on the worlds largest cannon on wheels.  This puppy was located in India and used to shoot a 100lb cannon ball!

14,000: Number of silver coins melted to make the worlds largest silver object.  The object is an urn that was made to carry holy water from the Ganges in India all the way to England.  It is over 5ft tall and has a 15ft circumference.

90: Height in feet of the worlds largest sundial, which is located in India.

710: Number of square miles of the worlds largest sand island which is Fraser Island in Australia.

1,600: Number of miles of the worlds largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

19: Degrees of the worlds steepest street located in New Zealand, and believe us that it lives up to its title.

5,300: Number of feet of the tallest cliff in the world located in Milford Sound.  The top of the peak to the left is over a mile above sea level and rock face all the way down.  Weird to think that water boils at a different temperature at the top than at the bottom.

1,600: Number of feet of the worlds tallest hotel which is in Hong Kong.  We did not stay there.

2,600: Number of feet of the longest escalator in the world located in Hong Kong.  Something like 40,000 people take it daily to commute down/up the hills.

16,640: Elevation of the highest train in the world which we took into Tibet.

Thanks again to everybody who followed us on our world tour. Until next time...


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