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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Sunday, 23 October 2011 | 5 photos

In my opinion, the greatest beauty in this earth can only be reach in music and nature, so I just try to put this amazing views inside a photo to preserve the moment. Also photographs are a time machine that allows us to meet other people or places that are not anymore in this time lapse. For me photographs are a great tool to appreciate, learn and travel at the same time.

Lately I had traveling a lot, an discovered that become wiser respectful and in general a better person. Have been walking around in 3 continents, each one so different from the other but learned to respect other cultures to appreciate as much as I can in this life time.

From Mexico and Latin america loved the colors, smiling people and the mix of cultures. From Europe the buildings, castles and museums. In Asia I keep fascinated with the culture, temples, modern and at the same time, old cities like Beijing or Seoul (lived in Beijing for a year and learned Mandarin). But I have never been in Africa and want to see this amazing countries with beautiful landscapes and wild animals not trapped in a zoo.

I just and old soul that want to keep his own promise made in a pile of praying stones in South Korea, keep walking around the world.

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