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I’ve never written a blog. To be honest I’ve never written anything. I’ve never felt really good at writing. I’ve never indulged myself on the descriptions. I don’t like to read about them, imagine to write them.

Actually, I don’t know why I’m writing this blog. The possible reason is that, recently, I can’t find something to do, a good reason to get up from the bed in the morning.

Moreover I’m not travelling. Is like I’m living an addiction crisis. Once time Vidal wrote “Strange is this thing about travelling, once you start travelling, it’s difficult to stop. It’s like alcohol.” True. The only sad thing is that is enough easy to stop when you don’t have money to buy a ticket, time to leave or you something you care about that keeps you where you are. It’s just not so easy to accept it.

Let’s talk about me. My name is Martina. I’m 25. I’m studying Mathematics. I’m having a spiritual crisis. I love to travel, even if I can’t afford it any more. In the past I’ve done several trips. My friends have always told me I have travelled a lot. I’ve met several people who have travelled more than I have. I’ve been extremely happy of what I saw and I am extremely curious to see more.

I love cooking. Recently I’m not doing it. I like to experiment with different dishes and exotic beverages. I love to see colour in what I eat.

I love reading. I love listening music. I’m now listening Miles Davis and beside me I can read “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” Gertrude Stein, “Tender is the night” F. Scott Fitzgerald and “Angela’s ashes” Frank McCourt. I didn’t finish to read these. Actually I should start to read one of them.

I’m a TV-series addicted and movies ignorant.

To conclude, the reason why I start this blog. I thought that a profitable way to spend my insomniac night could be to catalogue memories, pics and experience I collected during those years and tell them to who wants to read.

The most dangerous thing to do is to stand still. W. Burroughs

It is time for me to move.

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