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Discovery of a treasure so full of life on the virgin beach of TAJPUR in West Bengal,INDIA.

A glimpse of the colourful state of Rajasthan in INDIA.

India | Monday, 23 August 2010 | 21 photos

I am employed in a senior managerial post in Govt.of INDIA.Photography is my passion & not profession.
I usually like to shoot anything of interest with a bit of
creativity & hint of ongoing life around me.
I undertake long journeys & treks throughout my country to capture the varying moods & lifestyles of a vast population with diversified culture,heritage,language & religion spread over breathtaking landscapes,structures,monuments & settlements.These images do speak a thousand words about my glorious country.
In dec'09 I visited the colourful state of the Rajputs known as Rajasthan in INDIA. I was drawn by it's sky & air which resonate
with valour & heroism.The wind murmurs the repetitive tales of the
most beautiful queen Rani Padmini ever in the history of this country in the background of the tingling of weapons all over Rajasthan as testimony to the heroic ballads of the Rajputs.
Apart from this,their excellent architectural skills gifted to us in the
form of numerous mesmerising palaces,forts,monuments etc.during those times when technology was nowhere on the horizon, stand tall even today & will continue to do so for centuries to come.
Coupled with this,nature has showered upon it's own splendour
in the form of a duet of the Aravalli hills & the desert which is Rajasthan.s magnum opus.On the one hand,the beautiful hillstation of Mount Abu has less than adequate infrastructure to offer enough footing to the endless flow of tourists,on the other
hand the vast deserts of Jaisailmer offering the fun of a camel ride are even more frequented by visitors from across the world.
Finally,it's the local people of Rajasthan with their culture,heritage
& a vibrant colourful lifestyle who never stop from being the most interesting subject for your camera.

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