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City of Locked Doors

India | Monday, 14 January 2013 | flickr photos

I'm 23 years old, a Delhi-ite, an architect and a photography enthusiast - in that order. My love for the city, the built and the image are entwined, and in my mind, immense. Although I have managed to travel a fair bit through India and Europe, I find myself repeatedly drawn to the city I call home.

It is natural, then, that many of my subjects isolate intriguing architectural elements in this city. For this series, I wandered through Delhi's walled city, Shahjahanabad. Built in the 17th century, it was capital of the Mughal empire, and still remains a pulsating urban hub, albeit decadent and desperate. To amplify the present decay and the past glamour, I focused on locked doors, using them to tell a tale of a city in decline.

The opportunity to visit Oman fills me with an obvious sense of wanderlust. It remains a relatively quiet, hidden place with rich and engaging cultures and landscapes, things that appeal to the intrepid traveller within me. I feel, if given a chance, I might be best equipped and mentored enough to use my architectural education and travel experiences to create a pulling and unique photologue.

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