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My Scholarship entry - Remote Grand Canyon

USA | Thursday, November 6, 2014 | 5 photos

I am a PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPLORER. Living out of a backpack, being constantly exposed to the elements, I am always travelling and discovering. Interpreting my experiences through photography has been my way of life, and I love it. I hunger for wild and challenging landscapes to find my way through, places that force me to view my surroundings in a different manner, a new concept or place to portray and protect.

I have been engulfed in the Grand Canyon, photographing everything from monumental scenes to dirty trail workers for both personal projects and assignments, and some very meaningful conservation projects. After years of having tunnel vision (spending over 1,000 nights below the Canyon’s rim in 5 years and hiking the entire length of the Grand Canyon), my hunger for discovery of unknown landscapes is reaching far and away, to perhaps even wilder places to immerse, photograph and learn in. I am ready to grow, professionally and personally, expand my boundaries, immerse myself in a completely new environment, and see what images and stories I can take away from the experience.

I think an opportunity like the one you are offering is boundless. Thanks for your consideration!

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