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My Scholarship entry - Germany and its features

Germany | Wednesday, 19 November 2014 | 4 photos

During the first years of my university studies of economics, political science and cultural differences; I had realized that something was wrong. In spite of the fact, I loved my academic life, I started to have a feeling that my creativity skills were slowly disappearing. Therefore, I was trying to express myself in another way by capturing memorable moments or thoughts in photos and short paragraphs just in order not to forget them.
Taking a look back at the last 3 years; I got to know many countries and cultures that enabled me to see the variety and colorfulness of the World. My aim is to capture as many colors and differences as possible in photos and articles. By Travel Photography Scholarship, I may put my photography ability to another level and make it available to public by blogging that I have recently started.
I am the right candidate because I am eager to learn and absorb new things every day. This is based on the fact, I am always ready to take a new challenge without hesitating. Moreover, I can offer to combine and connect my theoretical knowledge with things around me which can give the photos a new dimension.

About petraz

I called this photo “A right to choose” as the line in the middle shows where the Berlin Wall used to be built and the whole Berlin is still somehow affected by this period of time. These two parts led by different ideologically oriented governments, divided the very same people into two groups, but nowadays, after 25 years of its fall, Berliners can decide to make a step right or left without any consequences.

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