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Latvia | Friday, 5 July 2013 | 5 photos

Travelling is the only thing in life that keeps my hearth warm the whole year and taken photos of my trips helps to remember the places, people, moments and taste of the country, which helps to shorten cold Scandinavian winter evenings!
Currently I am working as an insurance broker, but my heart belongs for art and all what is connected with photography. For my photos I have used old Sony DCS 40w camera, but on my opinion the most important thing is composition and meaning of the picture.
I do love to take pictures of nature and people. I haven’t taken any photo classes. So I would be perfect listener and unskilled talent.
I am a Latvian. And you know what they say about us – hard working, willing to learn. You won’t have to regret if you choose me. I am flexible and I do love to travel. On this trip my aim is to take as much as possible. Since I have worked as night shift administrator, long working hours doesn’t scare me at all. Cold weather for person from Baltic country is not an obstacle!
This trip offers two wonderful things to combine: love to art and place of interest!

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