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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Australia | Friday, 11 January 2013 | 5 photos

I didn’t recognize the comforting sound of the landing gear extending as the Jumbo approached Muscat International. I was traveling with BHP, 24 years old, a first time traveler on route to London and I was hooked! I understood what drove Columbus to challenge his very existence and succumb to the travel drug that concurrently invites intrepid fear and glorious wonder.

I am now semi-retired. My age doesn’t matter but let’s say that I’m not young enough to know everything! Between Muscat and now, I have married and fathered three children. My wife and I have had the opportunity to travel extensively. Our journeys have ignited my passion for photography. The images that I capture provide an entree that supports a library of narratives that enthuse and encourage friends to embrace other cultures and alternative lifestyles.

Whilst I believe that my photography is high quality, it doesn’t tell a story. I need a teacher who can finesse skills that add the critical human dimension to an image in a manner that represents a stunningly candid reflection of the moment. I need a mentor who can massage an outcome that allows the images to not only represent the story, but to be the story!

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