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Born in a rather small town of a fast-growing emerging country (Brazil), I, since my prime childhood, have always been facing the idea of traveling as a small miracle that just few lucky people get. Quickly I developed a great interest in reading and writing text in all its forms. I started reading books, magazines, newspapers and essays on people and their daily life. By the way, I loved to watch documentaries and all type of material about wild life and new places. When came the time to deciding what I would study I then naturally turned myself towards journalism since the media play such a fundamental role in the intellectual and political development of the society.

Working since 2006 in this area, mainly as a reporter in a local TV and as a freelance writter, I could directly be in contact with different people and situations. During this time, I realized that life just makes sense if you are, even for a short time, part of someone´s life, either hearing their stories or trying to understand a new point of view.

I believe that ethics, character, empathy, resilience, respect for the information sources and the ability to always search the unusual, are at the core of this profession. As a journalist, I'd like to help the society to identify and, when possible, solve its problems.

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