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Not for the Faint-Hearted

INDIA | Friday, 23 May 2008 | Views [1204] | Comments [5]

The truth is that I wasn't completely aware of what I was getting myself into when I arrived to India.  I had these great expectations of doing yoga, wearing beautiful silk saris and gold chandelier earrings -- in the glory of all their vibrant colors and gemstones, and having the most amazing tikka masala and chai whilst meeting other travellers.  Yes...I admit it.  Food, shopping, spiritual enlightenment, and yoga were what lured me to this complex and magnificent country.

If I had only known of everything else that I would encounter while travelling India alone as a lone female during the dreadfully hot summer, when the monsoon approaches to engulf the entire subcontinent -- defining in broadcasts to backpackers around the world that it is officially the off-season,  I probably would have still come due to the mere challenge of it. 

Let me put it this way -- Frank Sinatra didn't know India when he wrote of New York being the gauge of being able to make it "Anywhere."  So, I thought...I'm a New Yorker, I'm tough, I've travelled alone before....hell, I can make it "Anywhere...it's Up To You, New York..... Neeewwww Yooorkkk."


Well, I'm still alive after being here for two weeks...and healthy. That's the good news.  And I have a friend and travelling buddy named Ali (from Mexico) for the next three days before I'm alone again.  So, I am feeling very fortunate at the moment.

I arrived to Mumbai via First Class, a grand perk of being a former Air Hostess for Delta Airlines.  The 15 hour flight was the last I would see of luxuries for a few months.  I realized this rather quickly, as I attempted to retreive my overpacked backpack off the carousel.  It was complete and utter chaos, Indian men and women trampelling me as I got lost in the crowd.  The trolleys and hordes of people crowding their way to the bags on the belt.  I knew in that moment, that I had a choice...wait patiently and civilized until I reached the front like I was taught by my Mom, or I could join them in their chaos.

So, I joined them. 

It was kill or be killed.  In that moment, I realized my mind shifted into survival mode after only 20 minutes of being in the country!  There I was, an uncivilized Westerner shoving and pushing while screaming across to an older British woman -- who immediately understood the willful look I had on my face -- "I'll grab our bags if you grab the trolley for us!"  It was a plan of attack.  Where had my civility disappeared?   

It was all fair and justified as I saw the delight and understanding of those around us towards our brazenness.

In less than thirty minutes, I got our bags, and we were off...and so it begins.

This is my first attempt in creating an online journal, so critics...go easy on me.  It's a place for me to share my experiences with friends and family, where I can post my photos and an occasional video, and if I am able to entertain you with my adventures in the slightest way, I am happy!  I welcome you to read along as my adventures unfold...

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hi there, just wanted to say i'm not surprised about india, having travelled alone throughout asia (well okay, south east asia) that is the one country in asia I would be reluctant to go it alone in...not only for it being more challenging being a woman over there from what I've heard the people are very cheaky and the place is so over populated! (I am also very fairhaired, which would make me stand out a bit too much!) Still its a challange and I'm sure you'll come out of there with bucket loads of stories! I also wanted to say I love your writing style! by the way how did you like being an air hostess? I'm considering it...

  michelle May 24, 2008 1:06 AM


Wow sounds like utter madness when you arrived there!!! its a good journal so dont worry you explain everything very well. I am at work reading what you have wrote and I am very interested in doing the same trip on my way back to UK from New Zealand in a few months, I am thinking of going to Asia (Thailand and K/Lumpa etc) then heading over that way...keep up the good work and enjoy, watch out for those sleasey men!

  DANIEL KING May 27, 2008 12:22 PM


I've been wondering what happened to my little friend. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Very nice blog so far. I can just picture you diving into the mass of baggage to protect your 90 lb backpack...

  Anson May 28, 2008 2:41 AM


Oh God. Please help this poor mite! It seems as if my attempts at bursting her rosy bubble only made matter worse - now she's ACTUALLY THERE. Oh well, I guess the rosy bubble is going to get a little soiled... (I hate to say "I TOLD YOU SO"!!!)

  Terry and Mel May 28, 2008 6:16 AM


You are a very gifted writer.... Im loving all of your stories so far, Im actually LOL!! I would not survive one minute in India, especially if I had to give away my most prized possessions ie: makeup!!! LOL... Be safe and have a great time!
Love Pam

  Pamela Sablofsky May 28, 2008 11:56 AM

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