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Davey's Madventures. 'Nine planets round the sun, Only one does the sun embrace. Upon this watered one, So much we take for granted. So let us sleep outside tonight, Lay down in our mothers arms, For here we can rest safely. One sweet world, Around a star is spinning.' - DMB

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Relaxing in Bali

Relaxing in Bali

Out To Discover The World

My mission and I: My name is Chris Davey, I'm a 20-year-old traveller who dreams big, and on the 22nd of February I said goodbye to my home country of Hong Kong to set off on the road for discovery and adventure. My hope is to backpack around the world, by land and sea - walking, hitching, riding buses and trains - all on a budget, which hopefully grows along the way as I find work in different places. I intend to travel with a mindfulness towards being a low impact traveller, keeping respect for our planet and it's people.

Why?: There are many reasons why someone should and would want to travel around the world, first, it's there and it's beautiful. Also there are great friends waiting to be made in every destination and many lessons to be learned. Finally, because I think I can. There's just so much that we can learn from travel, whether it's just by witnessing the good and bad with our own eyes or by opening our ears to constantly pick up new things from the locals and travellers you meet along the way.

Also as I can't claim to be an expert on anything, all my posts/thoughts/photos are very welcome to criticism.

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