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Nomadic Mongolian Summer

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This is me hiking in Telredj National Park, Mongolia. It was about -25C outside.

This is me hiking in Telredj National Park, Mongolia. It was about -25C outside.

Hey I'm Phil. For the past 7 years I've been traveling. I started by volunteering in a village in Kenya when I was 19 for six months. Found my life calling on that journey, so went home and studied Anthropology. All through college I slipped away all summer to volunteer, backpack, and eventually lead overseas trips abroad. I ended up working seasonally as a guide in Fiji, leading US students to teach in schools and complete Eco-projects. After college, Alaska called my name. I worked up in the Brooks Range. The arctic was good to me! It funded my most recent trip around the world, I spent a year going East until I got home again. From my start in my home state of Kansas, USA, I went across Europe couch surfing with old friends. From there I went from India to Siberia by land, crossing through Nepal, Tibet, China, and Mongolia. Mongolia is the land I should have probably been born in. I learned Mongol over the winter, then spent my summer hitchhiking and horse trekking across the country, immersing myself in all things nomadic.

The highlight of it all? Too many to tell... but I probably hold the world record for the most random hitchhike in history. A 1953 UK Green Goddess Firetruck took me from Bayan Olgii to the capital, UB. So riding a firetruck across Mongolia plus all the other adventures, probably makes for the coolest summer of my life. Then again, each year things only seem to get better.

Whats next? I don't know. One never knows what the tide will bring it. But I'm sure it'll be good. As for now, I'm trying to write a book about my experiences and hike as much as I can. I also try sleeping in my hammock as much as I can. Tents are lame.

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