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Call of the Mountains

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Praying for the rains - Jilling Estate, Uttarakhand

Praying for the rains - Jilling Estate, Uttarakhand

I have been running after light. I still remember the facinating rays of sun peeping through the curtains of my room when I was a young kid. Light glowing through the petals of flowers and butterfly wings.Dusks and dawns have always been magical, bringing alive a theatre of shadows. I keep travelling on my motorcycle with my camera in the hills, looking for that magical light which will enlighten me.I never realised why light always facinated me till I got my camera. It gave me my answers. I picked up the camera just a couple of years back and it's been a companion since then. I want to be in the deserts, islands, beaches, old towns, new towns, forests, mountains and feel the light everywhere. I want to be in landscapes, I want to see people, I want to see the world through my camera. There are more illuminating questions yet to be answered, more puzzles of dodgy shadows yet to be solved. Gods of light ! Enlighten me !


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