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FRANCE | Tuesday, 25 December 2007 | Views [704]


just thought to let you know.

it's christmas morning now (i arrived at around 10pm on the 23rd australia time) and i'm still incredibly jet lagged. Got 12 hours sleep friday, saturday and sunday nights total. ahhhh!

Didn't let myself sleep during the day yesterday. Got to bed once the Moros left - 11pm. Then woke up at 4am. Have been cleaning my room, brushing jed, and cleaning his hutch all morning. Waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.

Christmas dinner with the wog side tonight... whoo! can't wait - i love christmas!  Am liking the fact that my presents from France double as christmas presents. Boo yeah.

When i'm tired, my entire body aches, i feel sick, but i can NEVER sleep because it's not night time paris time! You see, i can never nap during the day - and if my body thinks it's day, no sleep for nicola!

sigh. Anyway, wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Am planning on writing a blog of conclusions of paris. Will do it later - my opinion is generally good!

I shall see you all in Melbourne, once i can do more than drink, eat and nodd (got sick in paris, if you remember!)


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