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20th Dec: Elizabeth, Sex Shops, Dinner, New friends

FRANCE | Friday, 21 December 2007 | Views [1275] | Comments [1]

hey guys - just came back from dinner - at midnight! was very good - met up with Sally and Clare, who are distantly related through family friend with ana (i do know the proper explanation, but i can't be bothered typing it out). Both REALLY friendly, nice girls, terribly expensive dinner which wasn't worth the money paid for it.

ended up using the ketchup they gave Sally for her stake on an entire basket of bread. yey for tomato sauce!

Earlier today, at 2pm, we saw Elizabeth: Age d'Or. The nit-picker in me was dissappointed in
a) the director's obsession with showing Elizabeth with flaws. There is a difference between showing her with flaws and showing an entirely unbeleivable character - her moments of strength are completely out of character with her moments of fear / hopeless love. Elizabeth was stronger than that. i know it's his own interpretation of a great woman - my interpretation differs, i see her as a much stronger character.

b) obsessive love with Walter Raleigh: so completely false. Wouldn't be so bad that it was false - he was one of her favoured pirates at the time - and again, it's a story, not a history - but then she was embarassingly weak and desperate in relation to him. need my strong elizabeth!

yeah that's about it. other than that, the movie was terrific. It did what all elizabeth movies do to me - that power, that court intrigue, those beautiful dresses! Yes, the dresses do it for me, every time. When i get married i think i'll try on every dress with a big skirt in every shop in Melbourne, just for fun.

So i shall be dreaming of Elizabeth tonight.

Tomorrow is my last day - oh no! My nose keeps on running, my head is stuffy and my throat feels like it came out on the losing side in a battle with sandpaper. :(

Worried about going over the limit of weight for my baggage.

surely i don't need all of my bras & undies? Maybe i could just throw them out, and get mum to buy me more (just kidding ma).

o! before we went to Elizabeth, we dropped into the Louis Vitton shop. First of all, there were people there - women - who were actually trying things on and buying things from the shop. wtf? although i did fall in love with a coat - i stroked it reveeringly under the watchful eye of the service assistant stationed every few metres to ensure we children don't hurt the precious clothes (they sell clothes, and luggage, and bags, and jewellery, and shoes there!). It was my love. It cost E 2000 (that's $4000). So i'll never have it.

Also, i bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone in french. whoo! i was reading Deathly Hallows and then i got up to the bit where Hedwig was about to die, and have given up. it's too depressing!

Then after the movie we went back home, i had a shower then we headed out to meet Sally and Clare at 9.30. Ana and i walked.

On the way to where we were meeting them, we passed what must be a beehive of strip joints, sex shops, "supermarché sexuel!", "sex o!" and other such reputable establishments. It was quite funny - one man actually called out to us, asking if we wanted to go into the strip joint! ew! i think i'd vomit.

want to take my camera next time and take photos of all of the weird names and terribly unclassy photos that blare at you from the street. their lights even outside macdo's lights!

alright, sick nic is going to bed soon. We're going clubbing tomorrow night to celebrate my last night - whoooo!

love to all. i shall see everyone very soon.


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No, don't drink and fly, it's a terrible combination!

  Nick Liau Dec 21, 2007 3:49 PM

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