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Self Portrait - Mauna Kea Descent

Self Portrait - Mauna Kea Descent

Nick Keating is a commercial & editorial photographer currently living in the small New England town of Plainfield, New Hampshire. What began as a childhood curiosity, Nick cultivated an interest in captured moments with a disposable camera and the documenting of frequent family road-trips. Graduating from the world-class film program at Emerson College in Boston, he has pursued his passion for photography and storytelling through commissioned work and personal projects spanning the country. In a continual search for good occasions and explorations, Nick maintains a muse for the mountains, the road and the uncharted. His work spans multiple formats with a unified goal to capture the individual amongst an uncluttered world. When the camera's put down, he can be found pedaling his bike, scanning the pages of his favorite book, in the test kitchen baking something tasty or daydreaming about a future safari.

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