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Greenland | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | 3 photos

Greenland is a massive expanse of natural beauty, its contrast in landscape provides immersive, spontaneous amounts of inspiration to experiment with the many features that have been so copiously sculpted by the elements over millions of years.

My name is Nicholas Hughff, I'm 19 years old and feel like i havn't fulfilled my creative aspirations with the potential i think i have left. I like music, photography and all the usual stuff people my age get up to.

I've been into photography since turning 15, the age at which i saved up and bought my first DSLR camera. It was around late december of 2009 when the frost settled just perfectly. I was out there for hours, getting to grips with the functions and the feel of using it, taking shots of miniature ice formations of the surrounding objects. I soon found out it's not all about macro.

Since then my photography skills have progressed, noticing the smallest details in a setting and gaining the inspiration to make something interesting from it. If this scholarship should be offered to someone such as myself, I can assure you that my creative potential will be put to full use and the outcomes will be more than satisfactory.

Thank you

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