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Only home-made food can bring tears to your eyes

About nhuphuong

I am open-minded and conservative at the same time. I am easy-going as well as uptight.

There is no need to impose a fixed standard to anything in this whole wide world. The more I travel, the more people I meet, the more books I read and the more YouTube videos I watch, the more I realize that in the world with such extreme diversity like the one we are living in right now, standards and measurements are all relative. My mind would be so messed up if I tried to explain phenomena with which I am surrounded based on a fixed measurement I set up for myself.

I have been to the poorest mountainous areas in Vietnam and Nepal. I have also been to some of the most advanced countries in Europe such as Finland. The unimaginable differences sometimes leave me in such misery that my brain feels exhausted trying to make sense of everything I observe. However, when I succeed, the world becomes a more magical place than it already is.

As of now, I am in the last year of my Master's degree in Development and International Cooperation in the University of Jyväskylä. I came to this city 1,5 years ago and I used to dislike the severe winter here. But somehow, I have grown to like it; maybe due to the undeniable fact that winter is magical in this Scandinavian country. The colder it gets, the more beautiful it is.

While I'm here in Europe, I travel around from time to time when I save up enough money. 

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