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A Day in the Country

Worldwide | Saturday, 17 September 2011 | 6 photos

It was a school day and, as an assignment, we were asked to take photographs of what ever we could find and turn it into a masterpiece. We had to choose what field we would use: I chose macro photography.

So i set out into the country, where there were rolling hills and blissful landscape views. The air was crisp and the sun just broke out of the clouds, giving a nice, warm radiance and light upon my face.

I decided to first try out taking photos of flowers. So i come across this little patch with a variety of flowers. The sun hit them perfectly and there was no breeze to disturb. That's when i saw THE perfect moment. So i took a few pictures of the flowers and they turned out MAGNIFICENT!

I thought i would have enough pictures, but as i was passing a swing set, there was a little white dot on it. That white dot was the most beautiful, most detailed moth i had ever SEEN! I knew this was a MUST to take pictures of.

I then handed in the photos to my teacher and headed off home.

When i was home, i noticed that my alpaca, George, had been shaven of his wool. Now this was funny. So i took a few shots of him and realised that the shots and lighting were turning out brilliant.

That was a day i'd never forget; A Day in the Country.

As soon as i see an opportunity open for a camera shot, i must take it (as well as many other photos along with it). As they say: You only live once, so why not explore?

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