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So Much Distance to Cover, So Little Time

Monday, 15 Mar 2010 | Views [1057] | Comments [3]

After Alice went to the home, and I assumed just hopped on her plane and flew home with no problems (never assume), I immediately jumped into the second phase of my adventure.  I was to fly to Basel, Switzerland that night (from Barcelona, ... Read more >

Tags: barcelona, basel, bonnie schott, madrid, neil loewen, pompeii, switzerland, train, zurich

The Cinque Terre!

Friday, 5 Feb 2010 | Views [1067] | Comments [3]

The Cinque Terre!   Australia Day in Rome, celebrated by two Aussies, a Canuck, a Brazilian, and an Argentinian, was a smashing success, bringing people together across cultural divides, but much more importantly, informing us ... Read more >

Tags: alice berents, cinque terre, hiking, italy, mediterranean sea, neil loewen, sunsets

When in Rome...

Monday, 1 Feb 2010 | Views [1261] | Comments [4]

When in Rome…   Hi friends, long time no blog, and I know you all have been checking back every single day to see if it has been updated because you all are interested in my life (our lives?) that much, BUT I had a few days of ... Read more >

Tags: alice berents, chianti hostel, colosseum, italy, miscellanea, neil loewen, rome

Almost Falling in Canals, and other short stories from Venice

Monday, 25 Jan 2010 | Views [2840] | Comments [1]

Almost Falling in Canals and other short stories from Venice SO, we arrived in Venice, the city of canals, and were like, “So? Amsterdam had canals too.”  This city had something it had to prove to us.  We arrived in the ... Read more >

Tags: alice berents, burano, canals, gelatto, murano, neil loewen, vaporetti, venice

Ciao-ing Down in Florence: Alice Not So Much

Friday, 22 Jan 2010 | Views [1575] | Comments [4]

Ciao-ing Down in Florence: Alice Not So Much Welcome to Florence!  Or Firenze, as the locals say (This whole having different names for places in different languages needs to change.  It makes trying to find your train while rushing ... Read more >

Tags: david, duomo, firenze, florence, italy, michaelangelo, neil loewen, pisa, plus florence, the leaning tower of pisa



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