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Morocco - a country of contrasts

My Scholarship entry - Morocco - feel it... explore it...live it!

Morocco | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

My name is Natalie, I'm 27 years old Ukrainian. Im deeply in love with life and I am convinced that life is about doing what brings happiness and harmony. I've never learnt photography but when I got my camera for my 20th birthday I knew - it was what I really like doing. I'm not a professional, but I would like to become one. For me photography is not only about capturing - but about story telling. Photography give spac? for imagination for atuhtor and for those who explore it. That's like a book to read and to live. When Im with my camera- I feel liek a hunter playing wiht lights and shadows, like a child exploring unknown land and it makes me feel complete. My friends often ask to present them my photoes for their homes and actually they convinced me to participate in this shcolarship. Travelling i a huge part of my life. I think it widens me as a personality and gives possibility to develop and grow. We always travel with my camera and bring our stories and adventures back home to share and to remember. This scholarship could give me a chance to change my life and to follow my dream, to become a photographer. I know I need to learn a lot and I'm ready:)

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