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See The World From My Camera Lens his Journal is about Beauty of #Heaven aka Roof of the #World, w/ mighty mountains as its pillars | Gilgit-Baltistan is the Non-constitutional part of Pakistan | #Highlanders The sole purpose of this Journal is to promote the natural beauty of the reg

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The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility an

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility an

Syed Naseer Uddin Kazmi is a fine Art #Photographer and #Filming Student studying at #DoVS University of Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

The name of Naseer Uddin brings some very practical qualities into my nature. By creating strength and determination, this name gives me the ability to make own decisions and to stand by them with firm conviction. Others might term this stubbornness, but it is not my intention to appear stubborn; it is only that I am self-confident and sure of my opinions and i do not brook interference. I am trustworthy and ambitious. Being very independent, i work best when i have given responsibility and are free to carry out my duties entirely on my own. my mind is active, intense and analytical, and My versatility enables me to accomplish whatever i set out to do. My attitude is positive and i feel that whatever anyone else can do, i can do also with a little effort. i enjoy the association of people who take an active interest in current events. I am quick-witted, but at the same time I am serious-minded and stable. I could do well in a promotional type of occupation. One characteristic I would have to control is an over-critical nature; being very quick mentally I do not always exert myself to be patient with those who are less alert mentally. Weaknesses in the health are nervous tension, nervous indigestion or stomach ulcers, which are caused by worrying and becoming too intense over my responsibilities.

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