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My Scholarship entry - Life on a mountain

Pakistan | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

I’ve learnt with time that I need to do what I’m truly passionate about; the time I have on this earth is very short and I refuse to waste any more of it not doing what I love. No matter what the price for the effort, the hours put in will always be worth it in the end. I was an LLB student who left law school to enroll in art school and specifically pursue photography, and I haven’t looked back. It was while I was travelling between my University breaks that I realised my deep love for travel photography; I have a constant need to be enriched by cultures and people from the world around me. There is no black and white in the world around me, instead it is filled with shades of grey. I would like to utilize what I hope to learn from World Nomads to bring out the positive side of Pakistan. I want to bring forth that which evades people on a day to day basis either because they don't realise it or misinterpret it for lack of knowledge and understanding. I feel that my desire to continuously learn and evolve is crucial to my development as a photographer. There is no end to my level of commitment and determination and an opportunity like this would allow me to grow tremendously.

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