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Flooded Venice

Flooded Venice

Italy | Saturday, 12 January 2013 | 4 photos

I read somewhere that photography means “writing with light”. I believe that is true. Since I always craved creativity and beautiful sights, it was not that big of a surprise that photography became my love. I am a student of English and I enjoy both writing and reading, but there is nothing like that “writing with light”, a chance to capture a truly unique moment and perhaps for a second change the world and the way people think. I never really had a good camera and I am still trying to save money for one, but I strongly believe that a good photography isn’t necessarily a result of a good camera, but of a discerning eye and a good photographer and for that reason, winning this scholarship would give me a great opportunity to learn a lot about the true art of photography. I’ve always been an adventurer. I’m used to camping and generally I don’t ask for much. I can easily see myself travelling around the world and taking photos. I’m willing to listen and to learn and be patient in the process. If I win, I hope to gain valuable knowledge and experience which I would later on gladly use to create photographs that could tell the stories of the world and people in it.

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